María Ochoa: Blog en-us (C) María Ochoa (María Ochoa) Fri, 01 Jan 2021 11:32:00 GMT Fri, 01 Jan 2021 11:32:00 GMT María Ochoa: Blog 120 51 Week 1 of 52 week photo challenge I've issued a 52 week challenge to myself. My favorite shot of the week will appear on this page. The image may be exceptional or it may require additional work. The purpose for my selection for this blog is to enable me to reflect in writing on the ways in which the photographs contribute to an interesting body of work, or not.

This week's photo is Woodsy Chair, New Years Day 2020. It was shot with a Vermeer pinhole camera f/170 using Kodak Porta 160, 17.6 secs. I used a small tripod, 9 inches tall, that I had recently acquired at a camera show.

In order to take the shot, I had to lay on the ground and position the equipment on a small slope of muddy earth. (Later when I was home the muddy clothes and sneaks were tossed in the clothes bin for later cleaning, but I was content with my work for the first day of the new year.)

In particular, I am pleased with the incredible depth of field and enjoy looking at the interplay of the greens and red, and how they mix with the earth colors. It was an overcast afternoon and the redwood trees contributed to the subdued lighting of the day, and out of the quiet gray, this red chair jumped into view.


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Friendships come in different ways Berty is a friend of mine who lives six months of the year in Hayward and the other half of the year in Palm Springs. When she is in town, we have a tradition of sharing lunch once a week. Roberto and Luisa were our amendable, charming, attentive servers, who always had great recommendations. They remembered that Berty takes her water room temperature, and that I always order the iceberg wedge with the dressing on the side. This was shot on our last lunch for 2019.

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Surprise meet up On Saturday, I wandered into our local indie book shop to visit a friend whose pop up of handmade holiday cards were on display. As it turned out, the Andrews family–––Angela, Greg, and little Grier---were also there. Angela was in queue to purchase my Russell City: Images of America book, and asked if I would sign it. I asked if she and her family would let me photograph them. We had never met before, only heard of each other. It was a serendipitous moment for all of us.

Black JoyBlack Joy


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How I came to shoot this image  

As I rounded a corner heading into St. Mark's Square, I saw her. Sitting alone on a limestone abutment, she was thoroughly deep in feeling and/or thought. Her reverie beckoned me. 

Venetian DivaVenetian Diva





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